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Hand Carved Stone
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From the early petroglyphs and great carvings of ancient Rome to the more recent colonial tombstones of New England, humans have been fascinated by stone and it’s potential as a medium for lasting expression. Our fascination with stone has not waned and its integrity and timeless stability still speak to us now.
Despite the computer and machine based technologies that are now available, there is nothing that can compare to the exquisite design, beauty and detail that can be realized by a trained and accomplished stone carver and artist.
The established lettering and hand carving traditions, developed over the millennia, continue unabridged at Adam Paul Heller Studio. Adam works closely with clients to create unique and beautiful hand carved stone memorials and artworks. He offers a rare opportunity for clients to participate in realizing modern projects whose process and creation is rooted in the fullness of this established and ancient tradition.
After meeting and communicating with clients, ideas are explored, and sketches are produced to clarify and expand the design conversation. Once a final design is agreed upon and material is acquired, sketches are turned into full scale drawings which can then, with confidence and finality, be carved into stone.
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