Bidwell House Museum: Maple Sugaring Through the Centuries on March 23

Demonstration of Native American, Colonial and current practices for maple sugaring. Event starts at the Bidwell House Museum, 100 Art School Rd, Monterey and moves to Lowland Farm, 129 New Marlborough Rd, Monterey. 10 a.m. The event is FREE but donations are welcome. Maple Syrup Available for Purchase at Lowland Farm.

Did you know that the Stockbridge Indians who lived in Stockbridge and Great Barrington came to Tyringham and Monterey to make maple sugar? Did you know that Native Americans often called late winter “maple moon” or “sugar moon”? Maple Syrup is ubiquitous in New England now, but for European settlers it was a new flavor introduced to them by the Native Americans. On March 23, visit the Bidwell House Museum to learn all about Maple Sugaring through the centuries. Join Rob Hoogs as he demonstrates the Native American techniques for collecting and cooking the sap and then describes how maple sugar was made both before and after contact with Europeans.

Park at the museum’s parking lot along Art School Road.  Dress for the weather; if there’s deep snow, snow shoes might be helpful.  After the demonstration, people are invited to drive about 2 miles to the sugar house at Lowland Farm on New Marlboro Road to see how modern maple syrup is produced, and sample some of this sweet delight.  Syrup will be available for purchase. 

The Bidwell House Museum is located at 100 Art School Road, Monterey, MA and is open for house tours from Memorial Day until October. The grounds are open all year. Lowland Farm is located at 129 New Marlborough Road, Monterey, MA. For more information, please call 413-528-6888 or go to