Commemoration of The Old Corner House – the original site of Norman Rockwell Museum – to accompany 50th Anniversary Special Exhibitions

Stockbridge, MA – April 9 – A special anniversary installation “For the People: Memories of the Old Corner House” opens Saturday, April 27, at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Celebrating the origins and evolution of the Museum in its original location at The Old Corner House on Stockbridge’s Main Street in 1969, it will be on view through October 27.

“For the People: Memories of the Old Corner House” revisits the early days of the Museum with archival photographs, memorabilia, and reminiscences. The restored, original Old Corner House sign, designed by Rockwell, will be on view. Photos of Rockwell family members and original Museum staff, video diaries of visitors, models, and staff present during the Museum’s seminal year will also be included.

“In addition to commemorating the Norman Rockwell’s origins, this exhibit also honors the local Stockbridge citizens who banded together to save a then 200- year old house on its Main Street, from demolition. Opening in 1969, originally as The Old Corner House and Stockbridge Historical Society –visitors flocked through the doors, primarily attracted by the Rockwell paintings on display, loaned by the artist,” explained Director/CEO Laurie Norton Moffatt. “Norman Rockwell Museum exists today because of the dedication and generosity of the Stockbridge residents who worked so hard to save the Old Corner House.”

As part of Norman Rockwell Museum’s year of 50th Anniversary exhibitions and programs, “Memories of the Old Corner House” provides historical and local context for the major featured exhibitions opening on June 8th, including Norman Rockwell: Private Moments for the Masses; Woodstock to the Moon: 1969 Illustrated; and Inspired: Norman Rockwell and Erik Erikson.

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