Construct Announces “Mayfest in Place”


In these uncertain times, Construct is switching up Mayfest.

As gatherings are on hold for now, Construct will hold its annual fundraiser: Mayfest, “In Place”. As CDC guidance directs everyone to stay home and maintain physical distance as much as possible, Construct is asking people to purchase tickets (make a donation) on line, in the spirit of Mayfest. “Mayfest in Place” will take place on Monday, May 18th .

Funds raised will go towards helping our neighbors who are laid off, working limited hours, or have lost their jobs entirely, which puts their housing in jeopardy due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Tenants who pay rent will also help landlords to maintain their units, providing safe housing for all their tenants; our teachers, nurses, store clerks, emergency staff: our neighbors. Supporters will purchase a ticket on line, as a donation, (which is 100% tax deductible), and on the evening of May 18th, order take out from one of the many restaurants that have supported Construct over the years or make a nice meal at home. Friends of Construct are planning to invite friends to share a Zoom Mayfest in the safety of their own home.

“This year there is no gathering. All the reasons we can’t gather are allthe reasons why giving is more important than ever. Your generosity will go a long way to provide the assistance that is so needed” says Construct Board member, Anne Schnesel. “You can give many ways…buy a “no ticket” ticket, make a donation in the amount of your choice or buy as many bricks ($25.00 each) in memory of or in honor of someone. All we ask is to please this year be as generous as you can. Our community depends on us.”

“Now, more than ever, “Housing is Healthcare”, says Jane Ralph, Construct Executive Director. “That has become our mantra. Playing on “shelter in place” seems uniquely suited to Construct’s work to keep people affordably safe at home.” 

Invitations will be going out within the next week, with all the information needed to join in for “Mayfest in Place”. For updates and more information, go to:

About Construct

MISSION: To change and save lives through housing options and a continuum of related services.VISION: A socially vibrant and economically healthy community with housing for everyone, including the most vulnerable residents and our vital workforce.