Healing Hearts From Traumatic Relationships

Announcing the launch of a free six month series of workshops called Healing Heart Series: Strength & Freedom From Abuse, that began in July and ends December 29th, 2019.  Julie Bishop, founder of the Berkshires based non-profit, Walnut Woods, currently a 501(c)3 under the national organization Angel for Angels, seeks to provide education and healing to those who have experienced the trauma of neglect, manipulation, and abuse in their past relationships. 

Berkshire County and surrounding areas of NY and CT record a high rate of partnership violence compared to the rest of the state. Rural areas are especially impacted due to the potential isolation, limited services, and distances one has to travel for support. Our community is strengthened when the people that are living within it feel safe and empowered. Walnut Woods seeks to empower survivors with the mindset, tools, and techniques that nurture their well being and support their individual growth and healing process. 

Partnering with area organizations such as The Elizabeth Freeman Center, Center for Justice, Sisters for Peace REACH program, and Construct, Walnut Woods aims to provide programming for a holistic approach to healing that complements and expands on the services provided by these organizations. Walnut Woods boards members Natalia Bystrianyk, Amy Hagerty, Tomma Van Haeften, Suzy Colpitts, and Jackie Perez have either personally experienced relationship abuse or have supported others who have.

Walnut Woods Workshops– The biggest shift for most people who have experienced trauma is to get past the lingering effects and the meanings they have created about themselves, others, and the world. These limiting beliefs are often buried in your subconscious and have a profound effect on your life experience. These workshops are designed to shift outdated beliefs, increase self-awareness, deepen the relationship with your intuition and inner knowing, release the binds of the past, increase your ability to meet life’s challenges head-on, and help you clarify and define your future desires with renewed confidence, passion, and vigor. 

Healing Heart Series: Strength & Freedom from Abuse

1 to 3 PM the following Sundays: 

July 28: Master Your Mindset

Aug 11: Develop Inner Faith

Aug 25: Believe In Your Healing

Sept 8: Engage Your Inner Courage

Sept 22: Ignite Sacred Self Care

Oct 6: Reclaim Your Path to Self

Oct 27: Create Healthy Boundaries

Nov 3: Make Peace with Your Past

Nov 17: Facilitate Inner Peace

Dec 1: Celebrate Your Victory

Dec 29: Envision Your Bright Future

At Sruti Berkshire Yoga Ctr

268 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230

Reserve spot / More Info 413.854.3044

About Julie Anna Bishop

Julie Anna Bishop is an integrative master coach, healer, and international best selling author. She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Purchase. As a facilitator, channeler, and ignitor of an individual’s ability to heal themselves, she partners with you to tap into the power of your inner wisdom so you can powerfully utilize your connection to source to make a lasting transformation. Her master coaching certifications are from the Ford Institute for Transformational Training in Integrative Coaching™, Heal Your Heart Coaching™, Future Focus Leadership™, and Blueprint Coaching™.

Julie utilizes her certified training in massage, coaching, reiki, shamanism, healing touch, and light language while channeling connection between your higher self and your source of spirit to facilitate your innate ability to heal yourself. She specializes in assisting you in transforming your shadows within the subconscious from disempowering limitation to empowered gifts. Her work with leaders, those dealing with the grief of loss, and those recovering from trauma and abuse, provides you with a path for continual growth, regeneration, sustainability, and delivery of your gifts – providing joy, freedom, and clarity to your life. An intuitive process, each individual Julie works with individually or in group experiences a unique session.